“Paul Sippil is a visionary who consciously and conscientiously selects restaurants/caterers who source sustainable foods from local farmers to create a community dining experience that always includes speakers with relevant, interesting, socially responsible topics. Thus far, I have participated in four Community Dining experiences. Each has added value to my life–in the way of phenomenal food, lively and engaging conversation, the making of new friends and connections, even a new chiropractor! For those contemplating whether to attend, join us! The exceptional Chicago culinary offerings alone make each event worthwhile. Add the speakers, conversation, new connections, and you have richness that will leave you smiling for days.”

Deborah Rogers

Wellness advocate, doTerra

“Paul Sippil is a master at planning the unique dining experience. The Fair Trade Dinner was a beautiful evening full of enriching and educational conversation. Hearing about Fair Trade Coffee from Jacob Elster and Fair Trade Initiatives in Chicago from Katherine Bissell Cordova was inspiring. The dinner itself, by Chef Ronak Patel was simply delicious with everything on the menu direct/fair trade. As a representative of CAUSEGEAR, I was able to network and help with the educational part of the evening, while also learning and just truly having an enjoyable experience rather than only a dinner. Dinner and discussion and a truly amazing evening thanks to Community Dining.”

Denise Harshbarger

Partner Development/Servant, CAUSEGEAR, L3C

“The Community Dining series is relevant to everyone; come for the comida, stay for the conversation and come back for the community.  Paul Sippil built this community at the interesting intersection of food, ethics and intentional living.  He is a connector, and at the center of what makes Chicago part of the national discussion on how we relate to our food and to one another.”

Jake Elster

Founder, Crop to Cup Coffee Importers

“The most important thing to remember about Community Dining events is that these aren’t ground-breaking and novel events per se, but rather the re-manifestations of a lost art in this country… that of people of various walks of life joining together in a communal meal to talk, socialize, appreciate great food and ambiance, and open their minds to various different viewpoints.  I am a firm believer of the Ancestral Lifestyle as an invaluable roadmap to good health, largely because it embraces the social aspect of living — family, friends, community, culture and self-respect — more so than it does food.  It is a shame that community dining, the principle, has ceased to become a norm and is now the rare exception; nevertheless, Community Dining, the club, boldly engages with a diverse group of people, enriching their lives with superb, locally-sourced, shared meals and table conversations.  We are blessed to have a venue in which to tap into our historical and cultural roots, unlocking our potential to engage with others as we were meant to, and appreciating food and drink that was once standard fare rather than the occasional luxury.” Arturo Silva

Application software engineer, co-organizer for Chicago Gluten-Free, proud omnivore, emerging socializer, aspiring farmer, and appreciator of the unappreciated

“Paul’s Community Dining is a unique dining group. He does extensive research and carefully chooses the places for the dinners and brings together people from all walks of life. He also collaborates and invites relevant guests speakers to be part of the evening. We commend his stance for healthy living and farm to table focused dinners. You get to meet great people, enjoy delicious food and have an informative evening.”

Uma Vaiyapuri and Vineeta Santoshi

Founders, Chutney Devis

“Community Dining is not only an excuse to go out and socialize over great food and drinks with good people. There’s more of an awareness around what is being eaten and an intellectual focus on real social issues. Save me a perpetual seat at that table please.

Topics may start as idealistic talk, or even controversial conversation, but it’s fun, plus, Community Dining (CD) ideals align with what I believe is our responsibility to one another and the environment in terms of living well.

Research Paul has done proves which restaurants have truly take care in what they feed people.   As far as I’m concerned, it may become difficult to find reasons to eat anywhere not on the CD list.

The notable CD restaurants spoken of here are making a big difference and I hope it continues to overflow onto everything and everyone. It seems to me that restaurants, especially those desiring smart people appeal, will have no choice but to do the right thing.”

Laine DeLeo

Sales representative, Schultz Supply

“I have attended multiple Community Dining events and always leave with a profound sense of “community” and feel more intrinsically connected to the individuals attending. Paul Sippil orchestrates a seamless event with a genuine care and focus around consciously sourced food and the importance of connecting to one another through food and the sharing of experience.”

William Taylor

Member relations manager, Illinois Restaurant Association

“Think Jerky is really excited to be a part of Community Dining. We believe in Chefs over scientists, farms over factories and taking the time to Think Before You Eat and so does community dining and its members.”

Ricky Hirsch

Founder, Think Jerky

“The Community Dining experience affords the opportunity to meet with friends and network with new friends to discuss topics of interest and topics that you did not even realize were of interest.  It is a great forum to spread ideas, culture and develop new relationships.”

Jordan Powell

Attorney, Levin & Perconti

“What I enjoy about Paul’s community is that we explore connections with one another and with our food through a community that shares a common passion for making a difference in our health and well-being.”

Daphne Mazarakis

CEO, FairAcre Traders LLC

“I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the Community Dining events I have attended.  They are always extremely well organized.   I appreciate the attention to detail as I am a meeting planner and am always focused on details.  Great job, Paul! 

I also think the evolution of the events, topics and locations has provided a true community feeling for all who have different interests and palates. Every event I have attended has been filled with a diversity of interesting conversations and people.  I feel a natural high after each event.  It is inspiring to know that there is such a wonderful mix of interesting people who are sharing their stories and a little of their fellowship at the dining table with me.  Paul, I am grateful for this Community you have created.  Let’s all spread the word and inspire more to connect together.”

Magen Elliott

Meetings manager consultant and board member, Yellow Tractor Project

I first learned about Community Dinning when I ran into an old friend Paul Sippil from High School in line at Whole Foods.  Paul is a passionate food enthusiast whose life mission is to share knowledge of farm to table restaurants and the farms that supply them.  To attend one of his events is to gain insight into how food is currently sourced and how it should be soured in the modern era.”

Rich Levy

Founder, Giftie

“As an event planner myself, I know how much goes into the planning and execution of a great event and when dining is involved, there are a lot of elements at play. With that said, I was extremely impressed with the execution of Community Dining. I attended the event at Grange Hall and  felt that Paul was an attentive host and checked all of the boxes that needed to be checked when executing an event of this sort. My favorite part was hearing from the different founders of sustainable products – it was fascinating. I will definitely return and hopefully, partner up to host a joint event!” – @Yogaw/mar

Mar Miles

Event Planner and Yoga Instructor

Good food and community are two potent remedies for not only the crisis we see in healthcare today, but also for our disconnection from our own innate healing capabilities – which I believe is at the root of so many ailments that plague us today. Paul’s Community Dining has combined these for a needed dose of education, support and connection. I always meet the most interesting people, inspiring provocative and poignant discussions in a safe space – with delicious, healthy, consciously sourced foods of course! Indeed a feast for our bodies, minds and souls.

Venessa Rodriguez

Holistic Nutritionist // Conscious Living Coach

Community Dining is an amazing organization created by Paul.  There are so many great aspects of it.  First, I’ve been to restaurants I would have never thought of and getting to try new types of fresh local food is pretty cool.  Then the networking has been very productive for me and my company Nutricio.  Also on a personal level I’ve made new friends because we’ve bonded over our commitment to local, sustainable food.  Some of the events are large but others are small and intimate conversations over dinner.  Hope to see you at the next event!

Mike Hyzy

Founder / CEO , Nutricio

Paul’s dedication to his vision of creating a community based around food; to understand where your food is coming from and how it affects all of us today, strengthens all of us through knowledge. His forward thinking not only educates, but also creates a resurgence in a dying culture of community and conversation. Community Dining is enjoyed through each word and each bite.

Aram Reed

Chef, Chef Aram Reed

Community Dining provides the opportunity to personally experience humanely and locally produced food. It does so by gathering a community of people who both enjoy the food and care about how it was produced, often providing the opportunity to discuss needed changes in policy and practice – from government agencies to farms. National change in food production that promotes humane farming and food safety will only succeed when it is supported by people who sit down at the dinner table, share their expectations on how food should be produced, and act upon it. My thanks to Community Dining for providing that table.

Rich Wood

Executive Director, Food Animal Concerns Trust

Paul Sippil’s Community Dining program truly helps to enrich and extend a sense of community in Chicago.  The dinners he puts together are dedicated to bring together culture and the local community in a way to foster accountability for best farming, sourcing, and cooking practices – not to mention the valuable education attendees receive as part of their dining experience.  I have been fortunate to attend a few myself and truly cherish my experience and learning at these events.  Great work Paul!

Pooja Naik

Food Blogger, Realtor, & Organizing Consultant, The Chicago Pescetarian